Metal Recycle Yard Surveys

This program is started by INS, LLC to help operators prevent possible accidental spill scenarios such as crushing radioactive materials unknowingly. In practice most recycle yards have a Ludlum Gamma Detector for object analysis. Many things can interrupt detection of radioactive materials. One real cause is metal iron acting as a shield for materials inside an object such as pipe; thick truck beds; car bodies.

This is a common occurrence with oil well piping. In drilling for oils; strata deep in the earth with ores of iron also contains radioactive materials. These composites attach themselves to the inside of drill pipe and don’t always get moved out. They then cake up inside due to heat and pressures in use.

Another source of radioactive materials is from the production of iron that is settled out by weight from the iron materials into slags. These waste heavy metals are made up of Uranium’s; thorium’s; protactinium; radium – all radioactive sources. Although these are not allowed to be recycled with other metals they are required to be assessed and the disposal to a predetermined radiological location for handling.

Accomplishment is to be by trained individuals with the proper radiological detector tools, following radiation protection procedures for the handling radioactive materials in the public environment. Radionuclides in piping can be as high as 15 mrem contact of the pipe. This not a large number except if placed where contact to pipe may be occurred more frequently. In the public the limit for adult persons is 100 mrem/year. 15 mrem/hr contact dose rates would allow an individual to exceed the public safe limit in 6.5 hours. This is especially a concern if you add more radioactive piping to the number in the pile that you’re around.

Surveys of the used iron pipe piles is a safe thing to do. Imagine if you are welding the piping into fence, you compound your problems by breathing the weld slag and fumes, NOT A GOOD THING.

Recycle Metal Scrap Yards are a good place to survey, be safe.
At INS, you can hire this done or lease a Bicron Environmental Instrument for your safety. A in your area can help. Or call a number from the services list or call 208-201-5800; Freeport, Pa. 724-212-0335; Boardman, Oh. 234-232-0204; Madison, Me. 207-431-6761, we will be there.