Idaho Nuclear Specialties LLC is located in Blackfoot, Idaho. They are working to provide residents and businesses a full understanding of just how much the world has changed in the past 75 years.

The birth of the nuclear age came with real positive results. Yet, while it created another energy stream for all, it has setbacks to all due to the new energy and lack of knowledge by some. For example, just exactly how intricate the waste material becomes and how industry can permanently dispose of these radioactive materials (isotopes) in a healthy, economic manner. Special radioactive waste products can have an enormous life of many thousands of years.


In addition, as they were produced there were some industrial methods used that were not as friendly to the earth as they should have been. While most of the radioactive waste products were contained or stored in a very responsible method, others then were not stored or controlled as they should have been. The dissolving of radioactive used fuel bundles poses a threat of release of these hazards into the environmental air streams, compounding radon, increased activity, and putting those transuranic undesirable daughters into our environment. This can harm our friends the birds, antelopes, elk, mice, and grouse, that either live and eat on the desert land or breathe the movement of these nuclides, while they exist.

Mother Nature has also done her part in spreading the deposit of these materials throughout the world using her strong winds, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis, among other worldwide natural weather events. Those events have been very environmentally destructive.
Idaho Nuclear Specialties, LLC is one of a very few small companies that own the instruments that are able to see these radioactive isotopes in real time. On property, yards, foods, hay, or your waste beds holding water, and many other items in your world.

The US Department of Energy, US Department of Environmental Quality, and US Department of Environmental Protection Agency recognize this concern. However, the government agencies haven’t given information to the public of any locations of long term isotopes released from the dissolving of fuel elements. We know these Transuranic isotopes were released into the Idaho Environment because of exhaust stacks at facilities being sampled, where with a 50% efficiency or 10% operating in the past, has happened, to natures habitat loss. They being hired and paid for their documents explain about the short lived radioactive Isotopes, but Transuranic Isotopes live for thousands of years, don’t go away, and need to be cleaned up. These Transuranic Isotopes are bone seekers, and can travel by air to the point of inhaled pathway or ingestion into a body. There they can pass thru the blood system where they love the skeletal bones, and if deposited there can cause bone cancer by irradiation to the live tissue of bones.

Idaho Nuclear Specialties, having special tools in conjunction with experienced technicians, operate and chart these isotopes travel plumes. What this means is we can grid possible areas to survey on your property and inform you about your environment. This service is reasonable, confidential, and can give you an Evaluation/Assessment status of your environment. This service is called FOOTPRINTS. Know what your radishes roots and carrots are in, it may save your life.

Quite a number of states in the US along the coastal East require tests prior to sale of real property. This due to the well published radium decay half/life (1600yrs.) to radon gas concern in homes. Radium comes from the natural uranium decay chain. Although radon is an alpha emitter and a low decay lifetime of 30 minutes, it gives off a high energy alpha radiation that does bodily damage to live lung tissue in its decay to particulate bismuth, polonium, and finally to basic lead. The Radon decay daughter is also hazardous, in the chemical spectral end to the lung tissue and the brain tissue of the body.

Sometimes we would rather put our heads in the sand and go on with life as it is. It is very puzzling to deal with some of the hard facts. Much of what has now happened seemingly overwhelming. You cannot see, taste, smell, or hear these hidden radioactive enemies. They don’t go away unless cleaned up and put into a responsible long term safe storage location.


You should be aware of the above information in your own environment. It can be cleaned up, and give you and your family a healthy place to live. If we have peaked your interest in the knowledge we offer to make an educated confidential decision, please contact Idaho Nuclear Specialties for more information, and possibly an appointment. As we stated at first, some of the methods have been proven to be hazardous. The agencies that govern the nuclear business do not always give the full information to the employees or public as it should. We cannot act, if we do not know what we should or are up against. Radiological cleanup is an answer. It can be done and should be done.

All the instrumentation we use for surveys, assessment and characterization are mobile. That means we are available to do our work at any location. Idaho Nuclear Specialties, LLC has a large inventory of the instruments. If you have qualified personnel to operate the instruments, INS does have a leasing program. INS also has well qualified personnel licensed to operate equipment at your location if needed.