What is NORM?

Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials existing in mineral beds. Their presence in nature is fact, that is a natural part of the footprint known as N-O-R-M. NORM consists of daughter products, known to be radioactive, from the natural decay from Uranium 238 and Uranium 235. Radioactive-nuclides created by natural decay can be hazardous. NORM levels in background soils or mineral beds can be in minor or increased level amounts.

In Steel production smelters, the levels of NORM become concentrated to amounts that are considered Regulated NORM . Regulated NORM are concentrated level in amounts that are regulated by state and federal agencies because of detrimental health effects to humans.


Due to the “footprint”, meaning history of property use, it could have a level of nuclide-concentrate on the property that is elevated into the Regulated NORM category. That category will require clean up and disposal of hazards material to baseline level prior to title insurances granting acceptability.

Original “Baseline Footprint” is the forward approach to assess property prior to purchase. This requires special instrumentation. Doing so excludes possibilities of NORM in excess of normal backgrounds levels in natural settings. These parameters are best taken with the Canberra “ISOCS” following the Marssim principal. That survey produces characterization of the property’s radioactive hazard materials.

Termination Plans, are the organized Marssim approach guidelines to complete characterization. The plan describes, in a cost effective way, procedures necessary to establish the direction of remediation involving Waste Disposal materials and whether levels are NORM or Regulated NORM, guidelines, and personnel responsibilities for release documentation of NORM or Regulated NORM as approved by regulatory agencies.

Final Status Footprint Baselines are taken after cleanup of source Radio nuclides sources. Parameters are best taken with the Canberra” ISOC” following the Marssim principal.

The economics of establishing the Baseline Footprint is comprehensive and covers many facets. First the evaluation will tell exactly what is in the content of soils on property. A property that contains Regulated NORM will be of questionable value compared to a property with hazard assessments complete. Therefore many state guidelines require hazard assessments. Property history through title companies and realtors are the regulating entities for the proper evaluation to buyers.

Title company certification will also shield businesses and business owners from litigation due to unknown exposures to hazard waste. Entities that own property are becoming more and more vulnerable as more is learned about industrial waste hazards including radioactive isotopes.

Idaho Nuclear Specialties LLC has the experience to do all of the required assessments necessary to certify the property footprint. We can discuss, at your site, possibilities involving radio-nuclides history and radioactive waste materials boundary violations.

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