Instrumentation Services

  • The INS Company has a large supply of radiological tools to support the needs of decommissioning projects, routine surveys along with laboratory analysis in soils, air, fauna in line with the environmental scope of requirements.
  • To describe the types of tools, we chose to shows pictures and address the tools capability along with our uses. In the discussion of tools it is always the requirement for training in the use and adherence to procedures.
  • Canberra “ISOCS” 3 owned, the work horse for soil and land area’s increased accuracy and speed in accomplishing safe and excellent results. The NRC approved tool for decommissioning’s segregation of soils contaminated and those truck release surveys for use as back fill. Can be used for the surveying, of underwater habitat with the submarine attachment tethering done from a floating platform.  Today a excellent tool to survey drums or containers prior to shipment for total activity in shipment documentation.  Survey of B-25 boxes with roofing materials or packaging materials to be release as clean

ISOCS Equipment