Footprints Training


Idaho Nuclear Specialties, LLC is one of a few private companies that has the staff and instruments to teach the aspects of the industry. We have qualified personnel that are working in the industry to give you the hands on training and the background for being able to survey, assess, characterize, and materialize a final termination plan for your radiological needs.

It is the company President that has over 40 years experience in the business – and therefore knows what has happened – what is happening – and what should happen in the future.

Because every country is different in the areas of exposure their country has experienced, it is important to treat countries as well as specific areas, differently. Our training will be geared toward this objective. Each class will have the overall education in the field of radioactive material identification, as well asĀ the necessary deviations that need to be considered in the explicit area the student works.

We do issue certification for our program. All our instructors have passed requirements necessary to provide instruction. Also, every time you go to work a task package you will be required to take briefs for that specific job.

The thorough reappraisal will always be necessary. INS, LLC will have training at each of the new sites where they are working. This renewed training is being done at every site. Every time you change sites in the nuclear field there is a new challenge.

INS has more than 450 instruments. INS will take students out on surveys with instruments so they can see just exactly how they will be working on a real site. No training company has this ability.

Students will also take “footprints”. These are so the NORM is known and if anything changes during usage of the property it can be registered. This means the Regulatory agency could go in and do a survey at any time to make sure the company is not polluting the ground. This is so important for the future generations to be able to control what happens during their stewardship.
Students will come away with the decay charts and exactly what daughters are created during processes. It will also be shown the lives of all the radioactive materials. Physics is important as well as a science background. If you have students with this type of background in school, that enjoy science they will be candidates for training and produce excellent knowledgeable technicians.