Having 40 years experience in the radiological service industry I began in the Nuclear Navy Power Program class of 1964, I have worn multiple hats in the commercial power industry leading to hats for INS, LLC business development for lease of radiological instrumentation serving decommissioning projects or spill cleanup by myself or a small number of employees. Every tool in my tool box has experienced my hand and the uses for collecting data for a client. Data that is accurate with the information, backed by Quality Control procedures as written by employees and myself ensuring daily responses and accurate data for clients. Experienced in the knowing assessment needs, magnitude of a project, regulatory requirements and task accomplishments done safely by company managers, supervisors and frontline employee’s.

Lee Reid
President INS, LLC

Specialties: This company prides itself in the use of the best technologies in the performance of it’s Radiological Services. INS, LLC uses the Canberra “ISOCS” equipment for it’s efficiency and acceptance by the regulating bodies. While the time costs are more scrutinized today. The use of new technology by trained personnel are the savings for client projects today.